NOTE: Due to Covid-19 restrictions there is currently NO PUBLIC ACCESS on Saturday afternoons. All matches must be booked in advance via Skedda – all players must opt-in to the Club and Tennis Ireland protocols. Access to clubhouse only for toilets or floodlights.

 Carraig Club Opening Hours

As a member you will receive a fob which gives access to members through the main gate to the club grounds and to the clubhouse.  The club is accessible between 08.00 and 22.00 every day. There is a short grace period after 10 p.m. (about 20 mins) to allow for switching off floodlights, activating the alarm and exiting the property. After that time the electronic access shuts down, so it is important to be off the premises (as your fob will no longer work). Note: Junior fobs only permit access to the courts from 10am-8pm.

You may use the courts when they are not reserved for club events, which includes matches etc.  In addition some courts may be reserved for coaching at certain times and there are set hours for club social tennis as detailed below.

Court Booking

Members must book courts in advance via the court booking system, Skedda. The names of all players must be noted in the booking. If you cannot play please cancel your booking in good time and notify members via the WhatsApp group that a court is available. Penalties will be imposed for repeat ‘no shows’. Under the Covid-19 restrictions, U16s must be supervised by an adult.

Protocol for Access

When you arrive at the club, at any time of day, if there is no one there before you then you must assume the alarm is on. So if you intend using ANY PART of the clubhouse, open the main clubhouse door FIRST and then go straight through the kitchen door into the foyer [you will need to use your fob to access the foyer] and deactivate the alarm [enter the code into the SMALL grey keypad which is located to the left of the main door in the foyer].

Note: don’t assume that the alarm is not set just because you cannot hear it as you enter the kitchen; it is only when you open the door to the foyer that you hear it.

When you are leaving the club, at any time of day, if you are the last to leave, then you must activate the alarm [enter the code into the keypad AND then press SELECT].

NOTE: Do keep your fob on your person at all times. In case of an emergency, contact any member of the committee [whose contact details will be found in the members’ area of our website and on the notice board in the clubhouse].